Every idol has to have skills and training is how you raise them.

Training courses cost money and AP as well as potentially degrading Miku's condition.

Gathering 20 friends unlocks the highest level of training courses, so this is the recommended minimum number of friends to keep.

The actual rewards you get for taking each course are randomised. On some days, things seem to go better than others, but in all likelihood this is just pure luck of the draw.

Training courses

The following table lists the available training courses.

[TODO: Complete the information in the table, requires more testing]

Course G AP
Singing I (うた I) 2,000 5
Body I (スタイル I) 2,000 5
Talk I (トーク I) 2,000 5
Dance I (ダンス I) 2,000 5
Variety I (バラエティ I) 2,000 5
Cuteness I (かわいさ I) 2,000 5
Singing II (うた II) 6,000 10
Body II (スタイル II) 6,000 10
Talk II (トーク II) 6,000 10
Dance II (ダンス II) 6,000 10
Variety II (バラエティ II) 6,000 10
Cuteness II (かわいさ II) 6,000 10
Singing III (うた III) 10,000 15
Body III (スタイル III) 10,000 15
Talk III (トーク III) 10,000 15
Dance III (ダンス III) 10,000 15
Variety III (バラエティ III) 10,000 15
Cuteness III (かわいさ III) 10,000 15
Enthusiastic Karaoke (カラオケ熱唱) * 4,000 3
Beauty Salon (エステ) * 4,000 3
Rakugo Research (落語研究) * 4,000 3
Belly Dancing (ベリーダンス) * 4,000 3
Musical Coaching (ミュージカル指導) * 4,000 3
Tea Ceremony (茶道) * 4,000 3
* Requires 20 or more friends on your friends list

Effect of training on stats

Normal training (first through third tiers):

Course Up Down Down
Singing (いた) Singing Body Talk
Body (スタイル) Body Singing Talk
Talk (トーク) Talk Body Cuteness
Dance (ダンス) Dance Singing Variety
Variety (バラエティ) Variety Dance Cuteness
Cuteness (かわいさ) Cuteness Talk Variety

Tier four training:

Course Up Up (a bit) Down
Enthusiastic Karaoke (カラオケ熱唱) Singing Body Dance
Beauty Salon (エステ) Body Singing Talk
Rakugo Research (落語研究) Talk Cuteness Body
Belly Dancing (ベリーダンス) Dance Variety Singing
Musical Coaching (ミュージカル指導) Variety Dance Cuteness
Tea Ceremony (茶道) Cuteness Talk Variety

Effect of training on condition

Training introduces a chance of moving from one condition to the next one down. The chance of this is around 50%, meaning a 50% chance of lowering the condition and a 50% chance of no effect at all. Condition will recover as described on the Idol page.