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Stages come in 2D and 3D varieties, for use in the live house and live shows, respectively. 2D stages can generally be bought from the interior design screen. 2D stages are generally won through contests, contests and the like.

Stage name 2D 3D
Live House
Yes (default) Yes (default)
Vegetable Stage
Yes (10,000 G) Yes (won through missions)
Cat Park
Yes (10,000 G) Yes (won through missions)
Clock Tower
Yes (10,000 G) Yes (won through contests)
Yes (10,000 G) Yes (1,000,000 G or won through contests)
Live Concert Hall
Yes (10,000 G)?
Street Stage
Yes (200,000 G)?
Dome Live Stage
Yes (150,000 G)?
Fierce Tropical Fish
Yes (Live Stage Legend)?
Christmas Party
Yes (50,000 G during Christmas) ?
White Christmas
Yes (freebie during Christmas)
Happy New Year
Yes (50,000 G during New Year) ?
First Shrine Visit of New Year
Yes (50,000 G during New Year)?
Yes (50,000 G during Valentine's)?
White Day
Yes (50,000 G during White Day)?