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When you are first launched into the game, a series of tutorial missions are given in order to introduce each feature of the game. Sometimes these are fairly straight-forward, other times it might be unclear what the game is asking you do if you are not familiar with the language.

The following series of steps might help people new to the game find what they're missing.

  • Let's hire some live house staff! (ライブハウスのスタッフを雇おう!)
    • Menu → Staff (スタッフ) → Maid (メイド) → Hire (雇う)
    • Reward: 1,000 G
  • Let's use the staff to liven up the house! (スタッフでライブハウスを盛り上げよう!)
    • Tap on the maid → Drink (ドリンク)
    • Reward: 1,000 G
  • Miku appeal! (ミク アピール!)
    • Tap on Miku → Appeal (アピール)
    • Reward: 1,000 G
  • Chip collection! (チップ回収!)
    • Swipe across the chips on the audience members' heads
    • Reward: 1,000 G
  • Hatsune Miku's first live show! (初音ミク 初ライブ!)
    • Live (ライブ) → Start Live (ライブ開演)
    • Swipe across the hearts and avoid the spiky mines
    • Reward: 1,000 G
  • Make the live house luxurious! (ライブハウスを豪華に!)
    • Menu → Interior (インテリア)
    • Select the seats (イス) tab
    • Tap on any available seat and drag it onto the floor, hit Purchase (購入)
    • Exit the interior screen
    • Reward: 1,000 G
  • First training! (初トレーニング!)
    • Training (トレーニング)
    • Select the training to undergo
    • Exit the training screen
    • Reward: condition recovery bandage
  • Aim for #1 in the world! Enter a contest! (目指せ世界一!コンテストに出場!)
    • Contest (コンテスト)
    • Select the contest to enter (there's only one)
    • Enter Contest (コンテスト出場)
    • Contest prize: 3D module Kitty (にゃんこ)
    • Exit the contest screen
    • Reward: 20,000 G
  • Miku's outfit change! (ミクのお色直し!)
    • Tap on Miku → Module (モジュール)
    • Tap on any module, hit Purchase (購入)
    • Reward: 1,000 G
  • The producer's circle (プロヂューサーの輪)
    • Menu → Friends (フレンド) → Friend Search (フレンド検索)
    • Choose anyone from the list, hit Send Request (依頼を送信)
    • Exit the friends screen
    • Reward: scratch card