At the outset of the game you are given a bunch of missions to familiarise yourself with the interface.

Since there are quite a few steps to the tutorial, to keep this page uncluttered, this is covered on the Tutorial page.

Normal missions

Once you are out of the tutorial, missions settle into a more repetitive structure where the missions just vary in quantities. All of these "missions" are really rewarding you for things you do anyway, so one option is to ignore them and just treat it as bonus money each time you complete a mission. Alternatively you could power forwards and complete missions as fast as possible to get the bonus money more often.

Initially covering only certain kinds of actions, missions now cover pretty much any kind of activity you might find yourself doing in the game.

Types of mission in this category:

  • Spend X,000 G (Gを使おう!)
  • Earn X,000 G (Gを回収しよう!)
  • Train X times (トレーニングをしよう!)
  • Hold X live shows (ライブを開演しよう!)
  • Catch X,000 hearts (ハートをキャッチしよう!)
  • Complete X live shows without hitting a spiky ball (トゲトゲボールを避けよう!)
  • Earn X00,000 points in a live show (ライブスコアを稼ごう!)
  • Enter X contests (コンテストに出場しよう!)
  • Perform X away lives (巡業ライブをしよう!)
  • Earn X,000 G at away lives (巡業ライブで稼ごう!)
  • Login for X days (ログインしよう!)

Special missions

Special missions come up occasionally, with the reward being new 3D stages and modules. They require a significant amount of game effort to clear (just under a week, for the amount of time I get to play.)

Which mission you get is randomly selected from those available. Sometimes you get a mission which you already completed, so it must be completely random.

Requirement Reward
Spend (40,000 × Level) G みくずきん
Spend (60,000 × Level) G ヴィンテージドレス

Collect (20,000 × Level) G 野菜ステージ
Collect (25,000 × Level) G キャットパーク 
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