Live Stage Legend

Live Stage Legend (ライブステージ伝説) was a promotion run by Family Mart in conjunction with Sega in late 2012 to early 2013. Buying Miku-branded wafer biscuits, you would get a sticker. The back of each sticker has a QR code which takes you to a web page. You visit that page on the phone (it lands here) and enter the other code on the back of the sticker - the site will check the code and then launch the application.

The QR code is supposedly valid until August 2013, which spells doom for people who will be starting the game after that date because two of the costumes in here correspond to normal Project Diva modules. Hopefully, by the time this occurs, there will be a more normal way to acquire these.

The codes are actually the same on every sticker, so it should not be a major problem to post them here. The stickers are quite nice anyway, so if you have access to a way to buy them, I would suggest buying them!

If you have trouble using the codes, you might want to make sure that the application is not running before following the link to activate the code.

No. Code Type Item
01 e4wcn530 2D module Sweet Red Flower (赤くスゥイートな花)
02 8ic4nfu1 Floor item Fuwa-Fuwa UFO (ふわふわUFO)
03 0kdn3id4 2D module Swung About Negi (振り回されたネギ)
04 dbi4jdi4 Floor item Old Black Phone (昔の黒電話)
05 s939dnyt 2D stage Fierce Tropical Fish (激しい熱帯魚)
06 9onc4id2 2D module Legendary Pure White Mic (伝説の純白マイク)
07 8qwicabe 2D module Peanut Hat (ピーナッツの帽子)
08 7umkd4fi 2D module Maracas (マラカス)
09 nnd4d1s8 2D module Little Miku Riding Hood (みくずきん)
10lmcin3nd2D moduleMagician (マジシャン)