Your Idol

Ability Statistics

Ability statistics affect contest scores and also scoring in live shows.
  • Singing (うた)
  • Body (スタイル)
  • Talk (トーク)
  • Dance (ダンス)
  • Variety (バラエティ)
  • Cuteness (かわいさ)
Currently there is a cap of 1,600 points on each ability and a total cap of 5,000 points across all abilities. This means that you will have to choose some abilities to be particularly higher than others in order to get decent ranking in contests.

Level and Experience

Each time you perform certain activities [live shows, training, anything else?], experience ticks up. When the experience bar hits the top, her level increases. Miku's level affects various things.

Positive effects:

  • Higher maximum AP
  • Ability to expand the size of the live house

Negative effects:

  • Increased cost of special missions (60,000 × level)


Condition is the general attitude of Miku. It consists of four levels:
  • Fine
  • Normal
  • Tired
  • Hurt

Training degrades to the next condition down, although not every time you train. More on that on the training page itself.

Hurt condition is the only one with an easily noticeable negative effect: if Miku is Hurt, she won't be able to do any further training or live shows.

Over time, condition recovers. Recovery occurs in stages:

  • Hurt → Tired in 2 hours
  • Tired → Normal in 1 hour
  • Normal → Fine in 1 hour

The game logic seems to indicate 12 hours to recover Hurt, but experience in the game says otherwise. This discrepancy has yet to be explained. The countdown shown in the display is to full recovery.

Contest Points and Class

As Miku enters contests, she gains contest points.

As contest points accumulate, she moves through various different classes:

Class Points Required
Indies (clover 1/4 full) 10
Indies (clover 2/4 full)20
Indies (clover 3/4 full) 30
Indies (clover 4/4 full) 40
Major ☆ 100
Major ☆☆ 500 ???
Major ☆☆☆ 1,000
Major ☆☆☆☆2,000

There is a jump in contest difficulty at each level, Major being the most noticeable since it's usually the least expected. Getting to Major is worth it though, because it allows entry into net contests.