Getting the Game

As the game is a Japan-only release for the time being, there are some hoops you'll have to jump through, different depending on what sort of device you own.


You will require an iTunes Japan account in order to download the game.

This article explains how to get the account in the situation where you don't have a Japanese credit card. (Note: I do not endorse this site, but since they are in it for the money, the likelihood is that the information will be kept up to date.)

Once you have access to the Japanese store, either search for it in App Store, or follow the link from the official web site.

Since the app itself is free, there will be no problem downloading the app even if you cannot obtain credit in the store. However, in-app purchase will be off-limits until you find a way to get credit (prepaid cards are the most common way to do this.)


This section is missing due to lack of confirmation of the install method.

Interested people might want to read this and tell me whether it still works and/or whether there is a better way.