Contests pit your Miku against other idols. Depending on the contest, you compete in different statistics and either win or lose the contest depending on how you fare against the norm.

Contests can only be entered between noon and midnight, Japan time. The catch is that there are bugs with this. Players report that the date also has to match the date of the contest. So for instance, if you are 7 hours ahead of Japan, that only gives you a 5-hour window in which it is possible to enter contests. It is possible that this will be fixed in the future (especially considering that an international release is supposedly in the works.)

Contests have an icon next to them indicating which class is allowed to enter the contest.

[TODO: Effect of contests on class - extra TODO, I guess class should be on the Idol page too]

Local contests

Local contests require 1200G when you start out, which slowly increases as you win more contests. The reward money for winning increases accordingly, and sometimes you win modules or items.

Winning contests requires a higher score depending on the class Miku is in. So, for instance, right after entering Major class, you will find it hard to win contests for a while. Don't worry, it soon becomes easy.

Cost and payoff

The following table lists cost and payoff for contests for each class.

Question marks mark unconfirmed information (at the time I started, I was already Major class. If someone can send screenshots of the uncertain levels, that would help!)

Class Cost Skills Used Payoff
Indies (1/4)1,000 G13,000 G
Indies (2/4) 1,200 G 1 3,500 G
Indies (3/4)1,400 G14,000 G
Indies (4/4 ???) 1,600 G 2 ??? 4,500 G ???
Major ☆ 2,000 G 2 5,500 G
Major ☆☆ 3,000 G 3 8,000 G
Major ☆☆☆ 4,000 G 3 9,000 G
Major ☆☆☆5,000 G310,000 G

Scoring for one-skill local contests

One-skill contests appear at the initial Indies level.

The formula for scoring these is:

[contest points] + 120 × [stat]

Worked example:

  • Contest points: 0
  • Contest icon shows cuteness
  • Cuteness stat: 4
Score = 0 + 120 × 4 = 480

Scoring for two-skill local contests

The formula for scoring two-skill local contests is fairly simple:

[contest points] + 480 × ([primary stat] + [secondary stat] / 2)

Worked example:

  • Contest points: 344
  • Contest icon shows talk and dance
  • Talk stat: 292
  • Dance stat: 191

Score = 344 + 480 × (191 + 292 / 2) = 162,104

This also demonstrates that the order the abilities are displayed in for the contest is not the primary-secondary order used to compute the score. In this particular case the contest was called the "electric dance carvival" (電子ダンスカーニバル), giving a hint to the fact that dance was the primary ability they were looking for.

Scoring for three-skill local contests

The formula for scoring three-skill local contests appears to be:

[contest points] + 480 * ([primary stat] + [secondary stat] / 2 + [tertiary stat] / 8)

Worked example:

  • Contest points: 584
  • Contest icon shows Singing, Talk, Dance
  • Singing stat: 655
  • Talk stat: 646
  • Dance stat: 429

Score = 584 + 480 × (429 + 646/2 + 655/8) = 400,844

Since there are now three skills and the order is still shuffled, you're pretty much out of luck figuring out which of the other two skills is secondary, even if the description was sufficient to guess the primary. But that's fine, I think... we're just exploring what is used to make the score and the main point is that you should be able to win more reliably if you can figure out which skill is the primary one required to win.

Net contests

Starting on December 21, 2012, it is now possible to enter net contests. These contests pit producers against each other.

Entrants are divided into groups of 100 as they join the contest, so once 100 people have joined your block, your position is safe. If less than 100 have joined when you first check the results, you will find that your rank will drop later in the day. Because of there are only 100 entrants in each contest, if you knew which hour of day less high level players joined the contests, you would have an advantage. (Unfortunately, you don't know this. Even supposing that you did, many other players would know too, so presumably it would level out again.)

Depending on your rank within the 100, you will get various prizes. There is quite a bit of flexibility to how they divide up the 100, so just check the second page on the contest screen to see how the prizes are awarded. One of the common patterns is that rank #39 and rank #77 often get prizes better than you would expect for their rank.

Results of a contest are updated every few hours and the final result is released on noon the next day (why they feel they need to delay it for this long, I have no idea. Maybe they're manually checking for cheating or something...)

Sometimes more than one contest appears. It seems that after entering one of these you will be blocked from entering the second, so you should check your stats and enter the one which gives you a better chance of winning.

If you really want to win an item, you have to raise your stats to compete with other players. At the current point in time, it appears that ~400 is sufficient to get in the top 20 and ~500 for all stats might be sufficient to get in the top 5. Other guides seem to suggest just maxing them as far as they go (800.) Presumably people are resorting to shady means in order to level up to this extent (such as paying real-world money for recovery items.)

Scoring for net contests

[TODO: Figure this out. The one thing we do know is that it is not the same formula used for local contests.]